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What is Artytools?

Artytools is a set of tools for artist. Artytools offer a website generator that let you create an amazing artist website in 20 minutes. You can correct your photography of your artwork, crop them, correct their perspective, lightness and colors. We also offer an blockchain proof of ownership you can use to protect your authorship's rights.

How do I create an artytools account

Just click Register

We will walk you through every steps

Can I sell online on my new website?

Once you create an account and uploaded some artworks. br span Choose a plan that allow you to create a website. br span Go to the website tab and choose a template for your website. br span Fill in your information and you got yourself a brand new website

Is Artytool taking a cut on my sales?

We will never take a cut on your salefrom your website created in artytools.

What does the certification do

the blockchain certification create a proof of existence at a specific time. If nobody can claim the existence of an artwork you claim yours, you may very well be the author. Consider this a very strong partial autorship proof.

Creating a certificate should be the first thing you do before showing your artwork to the world. This way it will be protected as much as possible.

What is the blockchain

For our purposes, the blockchain is some virtual notebook where we can register small messages and save them in so nobody, even you, can modify it later. Messages are also timestamped.

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